Your Mom Is Lebanese If…

When experts, researchers and thinkers go through long debates to determine what is keeping Lebanon together, one and only one answer can explain how years of war and corruption failed to break apart this educated life loving society.

This answer lies in one person: The Lebanese Mom!

Looking closely at these wonderful beings, we all notice common traits of character which separate our moms from women all around the world.

So here are our very own TOP 15 signs your mom is Lebanese!

TOP 15 – Give her ANY ingredient and she can turn it into a medicine … or a stain remover.

TOP 14 – She has a tupperware collection bigger and more valuable than the collection of the Louvre!

Tupperware moms lebanon beirut funny parody

TOP 13 – She can flawlessly merge all of a day’s food leftovers into a new self-invented creative recipe.

Quinoa lebanon lebanese food moms

TOP 12 – She can use a “saboun baladé” for hours on any shape or size object without dropping the bar even once!

Saboun baladi balade mom lebanon lebanese oil juggle

TOP 11 – She could be shoving today’s food down your throat while interrogating you about tomorrow’s lunch.

Lebanese mom cooking food cuisine

TOP 10 – She has at home every type of slimming invention that has ever been sold on TV.

Lebanese moms try all gym machines to lose weight

TOP 9 – She speaks with the house maid in a weird language only Lebanese moms can understand.

Lebanese mom speaking to house maid in broken arabic language

TOP 8 – She can diagnose ANY sickness faster than a Harvard Med School doctor.

TOP 7 – Name her a list of electrical home appliances and she can instantly tell you how many Watts they consume and if “rah ttekk el se3a”.

Electricity lebanon lebanoff appliances home moms satire comedy funny

TOP 6 – She adds “ال” to any new technology she uses. Google ال . Facebook ال .  Instagram ال.

TOP 5 – She may speak in traditional Lebanese yet always switches to French when speaking about sex!

Lebanon gossip moms lebanese funny

TOP 4 – She’d give up on your dad for a front row view of Julio Iglesias. She’d give up on you for a front row view of Wael Kfoury.

Wael kfoury lebanon fans women moms mothers

TOP 3 – She knows who assasinated ولي عهد النمسا in World War 1 and can answer every other History & Geography question she taught you for Brevet.

TOP 2 – The source of all evil is always “saf2it hawa”.

Mom lebanon beirut habits son and daughter

TOP 1 – She can take on all the bullets yet lead as a Super Hero at her workplace, in her family and in society while being a role model that every man, and every woman, around the globe can look up to.

Lebanese mom is a superhero mother

For all the above and much more, Lebanese moms we love you.

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