Why These Two Lebanese Heroes Are Climbing The Matterhorn Mountain

For 1,278 reasons and more, two Lebanese heroes have embarked on a tough journey to climb the Matterhorn mountain.

In fact, 1,278 is the number of cases of child abuse reported by himaya in 2015 alone spread among cases of neglect, psychological abuse, physical abuse, and sexual abuse. These numbers would definitely turn out to be exponentially higher if society spoke openly about these muffled voices and their tragic stories.

Well Rayan and Ramy Rasamny are not only speaking loud about this, they are even screaming it from mountain tops.


After having climbed the tallest peaks of the Alps and gathering 10,000$ in donations last year, these two twenty nine year old heroes have set their compass to the 14,692 feet mountain straddling Switzerland and Italy for a climb far from being risk free. This risk is something the Rasamny’s are ready to stare in the eyes however, as the purpose for them is far more important than garnering donations.

“After Mont Blanc, Rayan and I visited the Resilience Center and shared our experiences with the kids at the shelter. We were absolutely taken by the joy and intrigue they had for our story and our climb. We spoke about the difficulties we faced and the tears we shed as we took on one of our greatest challenges. Although, we would never presume suggest that our challenge was in any way as difficult as overcoming abuse, they were taken by the idea that two grown men could cry, struggle and overcome. It was in that moment that we realized the charity climb for himaya was far more important than simply raising money. The children felt inspired and felt that they were not alone.”

Himaya Protect Child Abuse

Himaya is an organization I have personally come to discover and admire through a previous blog post covering the One Carpet For Love initiative.

“Himaya is a Lebanese Non-Governmental Organization dedicated to making child protection a right across Lebanon, it aims to break the silence by offering children the life skills they need to defend themselves, and supporting survivors of abuse by providing the psychosocial services they need to overcome their experiences.

Child abuse is a critical issue that has long been neglected in Lebanon. A study conducted in 2008, showed that 1 out of 6 children in Lebanon is a victim of sexual abuse. This refers to only 1 out of 4 types of abuse a child can be exposed to: physical abuse, psychological abuse, sexual abuse and neglect.


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    Very good article about climbing mountain.

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  3. lawyer lebanon March 28, 2017 9:50 am

    Good cause to climb the top of the mountain.
    Did they made it to the top?

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