Virtual grave for Sabah and Saiid Akl on Middle East’s first obituary platform Khoolood

What remains of us after death? What is the purpose of life? What is the value of any action we take in our lifetime if it will all end with non-existence?

A new Lebanese social platform is trying to answer all these questions by being a medium which puts together departed persons that have made a difference in their community all over the world.

In the words of its creator, Naji Tueni, “Khoolood is dedicated for our beloved ones who left us too soon, as Khoolood believes that Every Person in Life has a Story that deserves to be told, preserved and shared.

khoolood Naji Tueni sabah saiid akl grave

Legends Sabah and Saiid Akl now have a virtual grave on Khoolood already decorated with some beautiful messages, digital flowers and candles.

sabah grave khoolood saiid akl lebanon death life

Khoolood, the first platform of its kind in the Middle East, offers in fact a wide range of online tools such as creating a Memorial site, a Guest book, a Virtual Grave, a Virtual Family Grave Yard or a Living Legacy.

We got the chance to ask the founder of the platform, Naji Tueni,a few question to get an insight on the idea:

1. How was the concept born? Is there any specific event in your life that triggered this idea?
My personal experience of classified Ads, my vision towards the online community and how it is evolving, in addition to my family roots as the Grandson of Gebran Andraous Tueni who believed in the importance of communication, all those reasons gathered together was the basis of the creation of Khoolood.

Like all Lebanese families, the Tueni family lost people who left footprints in their communities and country. With that in mind, there should be a platform that gathers all those people and immortalizes their memory forever. Thus, Khoolood is now the initiative that immortalizes the memories of our beloved deceased people.

khoolood lebanon platform obituary

2. We notice a beautiful collaboration between Khoolood and Kunhadi, how are people like Hadi Gebran impacting our lives even after they pass away?

Hadi Gebran’s death shifted to be an icon of Life for others to save their own lives. Hadi’s impact on his family and friends and the amount of love and joy he was able to give them during his life greatly affected their vision after his death. So they decided to take his story to the level of awareness about the dangers of roads.

We chose Kunhadi because Hadi is the best example about how people can affect their communities even after their death. Such people must have their footprints exposed and always remembered and Khoolood is the proper platform.

kunhadi hadi gebran khoolood

3. Is Khoolood trying to answer in a way the real purpose of LIFE – Creating eternal stories that will live on to impact humanity?

That is exactly why Khoolood was created. Every story of a person in life is a moral that needs to be well understood. We live for a cause and we sometimes die for a cause. So, keeping the stories of deceased people alive for generations to learn is very important. Khoolood is this platform where the stories and memories stay alive and are remembered.

Khoolood is not a platform about death, it is not a place to cry, Khoolood is a place to honor the lives of our beloved people and a platform to communicate stories of life and morals. It is a place to express condolences in a community that still has in its mores and habits the duty and obligation to calm the grief of family and friends who lost their loved ones.

khoolood platform obituaty memorial lebanon beirut

4. Can you tell us more about the Mobile App and how it can take this virtual emotional experience to the next level?

The Khoolood mobile App is called (Khoolood Messenger App). It is a continuity of the website Obituaries and Commemorations section. On the App we have two types of users (Group Leader User) which is dedicated to which is dedicated to (House of Prayers, Associations and Community Leaders) who have announcements about deaths or even social announcements and need to reach their community members. The other user is the general user or the community members who receive those notifications from the community leader.

This App with all its aspects is a totally free tri-lingual app for any type of user. Any community leader who would like to have Khoolood Messenger App for communication with his community could contact us at ([email protected]) and a General Invitation for all your readers and followers to visit our website ( to know more about our services and register on our platform for more and more news and services to come.


While the technical side such as the design of the virtual grave and the mobile responsiveness of the site deserve an upgrade probably coming in future versions, the message behind the platform is beautiful.

Life is not about hard coded self identification we hold in our brains but in the beautiful memories we leave in the minds of everyone that ever crosses our path.

For more information about Khoolood you may visit their facebook fan page or download their mobile app from the Apple or Android store!

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