Top 10 funniest Taxis in Lebanon

You’re left with 5% of your battery’s life and you have to make that ONE CALL to order a Taxi back home.

Time is running out. Which Taxi would it be?


Luckily, Lebanese innate creativity offers you a wide range of Taxi names to pick from…of course, based on your destination, or even your personality!

Here is our Top 10 list of funniest Taxi names in Lebanon:

1- Missed Call Taxi


Too cheap to call a cab? Then you’ve found your new favorite Taxi company. In fact, you can place your Taxi order without talking with anyone at all just by remembering the number of Missed Calls and their corresponding meaning.

1 Missed Call = Beirut…29 Missed Calls = Kesrwan,…., 460 Missed Calls = Zahleh, etc…

Contact Missed Call Taxi

2- Le Taxi


This taxi targets a very specific audience. To be part of this audience, you have to pronounce the letter R as GH (i.e. Achghafieh) or attend any restaurant whose name consists of a combination of classy French and oldies Arabic (i.e La Mdardara de Denise).

Furthermore, those who watch “Question pour un Champion” on TF1 on a regular basis get a free ride.

Contact Le Taxi

3- Heaven Taxi


This cab will guarantee you see the light at the end of the tunnel!

With Lebanese roads feeling more and more like a purgatory, we all need that ride with Heaven Taxi.

In all cases, we truly hope they do not get competition soon from a newly founded Hell Taxi!

Contact Heaven Taxi

4- Ahiram Taxi


Heading to Cartage? This cab is for you!

Although known for its ability to navigate to far territories, its service comes with some disadvantages such as having to row the cab while wearing a pointy golden hat as well as stopping repeatedly to spread the Alphabet.

Contact Ahiram Taxi

5- Daaboul Taxi


We will not be saying anything about this taxi. The reason? Its name is too cute and cuddly and we just feel like hugging the driver.

Sorry for being over emotional, but that’s what happens when you name your company Daaboul Taxi!

Contact Daaboul Taxi

6- High Taxi


Dreaming of peace & love while singing hippy tunes all along the ride; that’s cause I got “High Taxi”.

As for added values, High Taxi remains the only cab company with a destination to Amsterdam.

Contact High Taxi

7- Jesuites Taxi


“All roads lead to Rome!” should definitely be the slogan of this Taxi company!

With a rather religious name, it is probably inspired by the deep heartfelt prayers the passengers shout out while riding cabs on the crazy roads of Lebanon. #YaMkhallis

In all cases, if you ever take a ride in this taxi, leave your water bottles at home or else don’t be surprised if, during the taxi ride, it miraculously turns into wine!

Contact Jesuites Taxi

8- Whatsapp Taxi


The up side? You can get a cab just by sending a free whatsapp message and even sharing your location map!

The down side? You can NEVER lie to this Taxi Driver, he will always know the truth from your Last Seen. Finally, be sure to set a nice Whatsapp profile pic or you will never get picked up!

9- Schumacher Taxi


This Taxi has always given me a conflict of emotions. I mean who wouldn’t want a fast taxi to be on time? But not sure I want it Formula 1 fast!

I guess you can always use a Schumacher taxi if you’re late…and if you don’t mind the pit stops!

Contact Schumacher Taxi

10- Sultan Taxi


If you’re a fan of Turkish series, then you can be one of 7arim el “Sultan Taxi”! The moment you ride in this cab, you will automatically start speaking Turkish while actually sounding Syrian. One recommendation though, do not turn your back to any of the passengers, as “Sultana Huyam” may be one of them, waiting to end your ride with a dramatic back stab!

Contact Sultan Taxi

Now it’s your turn. Vote for your favorite among the top 10 in the comments box!

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6 comments on “Top 10 funniest Taxis in Lebanon

  1. christine April 10, 2014 9:07 am

    Hahahahhahah so funny Id got with first high taxi then heaven taxi then hmmm Id probably take my mom in the sultan taxi to get more a feel of the series hahahaha so funny.

  2. Camelia Aoun April 10, 2014 2:06 pm

    Sooo funny. I prefer the Jesuites Taxi but I’d rather take my water bottle with me.

  3. Maria Frangieh April 3, 2015 8:36 am

    hahahaha hilarious! My vote goes to Le Taxi and Daaboul too cute

  4. Karim Girgis March 28, 2017 9:38 pm

    Hello, this is urgent!
    I’ve seen a Mercedes taxi with Lebanon’s flag & other funny decorations on it. I would appreciate it a lot if anybody gives me the driver’s number ASAP.

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