The Garbage Crisis: Why your kids are to blame!

It was the day before Christmas and while standing in line at the local Toy Store, one and only one idea was going through my head: Why the hell is my niece asking Santa for 300$ worth of Trash?

After inquiring with the long line of people shopping for those same weird gifts, I learned, to my surprise, that the newest trend hitting all Lebanese schools is collecting and swapping a toy brand called THE TRASH PACK!


The Trash Pack, also known as “The Gross Gang in your Garbage” are one of the most popular toys of the year and consist of gross garbage characters (the Trashies) which kids can collect and swap in addition to their accompanying Dumpsters, Trucks, and dozens of other accessories.

20140119-163012.jpgWith the total absence of the government and in a crazy act of jealousy, Lebanese parents decided to join the game. It all started with the parents in “Nééhmé” region refusing to share their Trash Pack Dumpster with the other Lebanese parents and replying to all demands with a shoulder shrug and a simple “hu2u!”

To retaliate, parents in the Beirut region stopped the circulation of their Trash Pack Trucks and issued the below statement:

“Singof! Singof!”

20140119-162913.jpgParents in all other regions were happy as this allowed them to grow their real life size Trash Pack collection.


Photo Credit Elie Chiha
Men called their buddies and organized Trash Arena Face Off’s while women and their lady friends held Trash Swapping gatherings in classy local venues.


Photo Credit Fadi Boukaram
Looking at the bright side, optimistic economists found this crisis as the perfect opportunity for parents to save money on buying commercial toys and just unleash their kids to play on any roadside dumpster.

With a less positive approach, social scientists wondered what kind of example are we giving our kids, if we have enough maturity ourselves to raise them and whether we will hand a modern country down to them…or maybe just a cool dumpster.

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2 comments on “The Garbage Crisis: Why your kids are to blame!

  1. Christine January 20, 2014 9:06 am

    Love the lebanese sarcasm, thanks for turning our anger into a smile!

  2. Tony Aoun January 20, 2014 5:17 pm

    Nicely done Alfy! Reminded me of “Garbage Pail Kids” we used to collect and swap as kids…

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