Tabarraa: 1 click to give Life!

It’s true, I rarely write about serious stuff. Comedy is a fun way of getting messages accross.

But it would be a shame if any of us had a blog, a facebook account, a billboard, or any other communication tool and not use it to support, even with modest reach, fellow Lebanese who are trying to instill change in all kinds of creative initiatives.

Today I would like to tell you about one such initiative: TABARRAA!

blood donation lebanon tabarraa

Conceived in 2013 after a real life experience revealed the need for a grass root blood donation system, this app by Jean Louis Jamous and Romero Habib is now on both mobile stores for Lebanese to benefit from, and contribute to.

It is true that there are many respectable organizations helping with blood donations, like the inspiring Donner Sang Compter, but having more people working side by side for one good cause is always a good idea.

The Tabarraa app is simply divided into two main sections:

– Request Wall: A long listing of people that are in dire need of blood donation and which you can filter by blood type and donation region.

lebanon donate life tabarraa

– I Need Help: A simple form one could fill to request a blood donation through the app.

tabarraa lebanom beirut

The app has some other cool features like listing the conditions for you to be an eligible donor which it reinforces by not sending you any notifications for the period of 57 days after you have made a donation.

I think Tabarraa will have a bright future due to its efficient process and its ability to connect citizens directly at the grass root level. Most importantly it will participate in drawing the blueprints of making our society a better place.

help people by donating in lebanon

Ever woke up with an urge for a good deed? Download the app from the Apple or Android store, who knows, today you may save a life…or need someone to save yours.

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