Shooting Stars to invade the sky of Lebanon tonight

Every year, around August 10, the Lebanese and the world get the chance to look up and make a wish at the astonishing Perseids Meteor Shower.

perseids meteor show lebanon beirut shooting stars

The beautiful show of shooting stars will in fact be active from July 17 until August 24 with its peak nights being on August 10 to August 14 where you will be able to witness a high frequency of 50 to 100 shooting stars per hour.

This year, the Super Moon (Moon’s closest proximity to the earth) coinciding with the Perseids will affect negatively through its brightness the visibilty of the showers but will not totally ruin this experience as the bright trails would still be visible by the naked eye.

 perseids meteor show lebanon beirut shooting stars

Some tips for the event:
– While any spot might do it, try to locate a region away from city lights and optical pollution
– Get jackets! Especially if you are hitting high mountain peaks where it gets cold at night
Pick a late time, preferrably after midnight, to have a dark sky clear of sunlight
Lay on your back to avoid a neck pain which will ruin the experience
– Use your naked eye to watch as it is the best way to enjoy the perseids. While binoculars and telescopes may not be optimal for such kind of astronomical events, a wide angle camera on a tripod would be useful to catch the moment
– Make sure to bring on family and friends as sharing this experience makes it really memorable
Be patient and remember to prepare a long list of wishes!

If you prefer organized trips, you can find a star gazing event on our favorite lebanese events website Lebtivity Luaperseids the 5thGreat Escape Overnight.

Whether you’re an Astronomy fan or not, do not skip this bucket list opportunity to witness this heavenly event and if you happen to enjoy it, make sure to spare one wish for me 😉

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