Sex 101 by the Lebanese Media!

At Blog of the Boss we do not like to take things too seriously!

For this purpose, this section called BOSS LIKES is highlighting interesting, controversial or funny phenomena we have spotted on Social Media and giving you the freedom to form your own opinion.

This week, our attention goes to the Lebanese media, whose different outlets have been subject to online criticism after picking up a reputation for shockingly attractive “click bait” article titles!

Few weeks ago, a viral online campaign entitled #TweetLikeLebaneseMedia poked fun at this bad habit by inviting users to tweet funny titles such as “Lebanese celebrity and the Koussa Mehsheh scandal!”.

From within the same spirit, our highlight today is a set of articles posted in a series of consecutive days on the official fan page of Mister Charles Ayoub, owner of renowned Ad-Diyar newspaper whose website is hosting all of the below reports.

Note: None of the below is photoshopped and all are taken from the said Facebook page

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Needless to say, fans started picking up on this pattern and the funny comments soon began to pile up. One disgruntled reader left a rather blunt comment on one of the posts stating:

(Warning, not for sensitive readers)

charles ayoub addiyar sex articles

Ad-Diyar is not the only media outlet to be releasing sex articles which we were able to spot on the pages of many other reputable news agencies.

How about you? Do you consider these as click baits or just modern health journalism?
Would you click on such an article to learn more?

Let’s hear you out in the Comments Box below!

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