SerVme: App-lifting the Lebanese hospitality industry one click at a time!

With the gradual growth of the mobile development sector in Lebanon, new applications are surfacing every day to fill one piece of the intricate local market need puzzle.

One has to confess though, rare are the apps that come to offer a full vision of the issue it is trying to solve in a way that not only meets users’ needs but also tries to impact and improve the industry in which it operates.

servme lebanon app mobile

SerVme, is one such concept, with a wide array of features that offer a win-win scenario for both food lovers and restaurant owners. In case that doesn’t get you curious to learn more, wait till you meet the team.

Overflowing with energy and moving from table to table at the serVme foodie meet-up brunch hosted with Zomato at BistroBar Hamra, the team explained to us all about their concept. One could easily notice their eyes light up with sparks of passion.


Are you a restaurant goer? Search for restaurants and bars, check photos, prices and menu items and finally book instantly without long calls or waiting lists. Just with a simple click on the app.

Are you a restaurant owner? serVme provides data analytics to restaurants, bars, and clubs to allow them to collect data, analyze trends, and better understand their customer habits and preferences.

servme food review menus prices

Everyone is happy! Covering both sides of the coin, this app is a promising trial at improving the hospitality industry by creating a short feedback loop and equipping owners with dynamic reports and smart profiling.

servme food beverage hospitality

First prize winners of Bader Young Entrepreneurs Program as well as numerous other awards, the serVme team are planning to conquer the world one continent at a time and they’ve got their cross hair set on Silicon Valley.

servme beirut

Are you a food lover yourself? Download serVme on iOS and Android to get an avant-premiere “taste” of their success!

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