Rima Srour will you marry me? A pedestrian bridge wedding proposal idea

If anyone ever doubted the importance of pedestrian bridges, the Lebanese people came up with all the reasons which prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, the necessity of this public monument.

In fact, we will be listing below, some of the most popular uses of pedestrian bridges in Lebanon:

1- Political Communication

pedestrian bridge in lebanon president vote by the people

Banner requesting the election of a President through the People’s vote

2- Celebrations

pedestrian bridge in lebanon isf

Banner celebrating the birthday of the Internal Security Forces yet hiding the  country’s road signs (ironic much). Source: Blog Baladi

3- Wedding Proposals

wedding proposal on jal el dib pedestrian bridge in lebanon

Banner currently hanging on Jal El Dib bridge communicating a wedding proposal from anonymous to Rima Srour!

While we smile at this cute gesture, we strongly request from Rima to post her “Yes I do” or “No I Don’t” reply on any other nearby bridge as we, the People who witnessed the current proposal banner, are not ready to live forever in this teasing situation.

Yes, the list of pedestrian bridge benefits is long and contains some very eccentric items, none of which is walking on it to cross the road. Using a bridge to cross the road?! Are you crazy? Who does that?

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3 comments on “Rima Srour will you marry me? A pedestrian bridge wedding proposal idea

  1. Léa July 23, 2014 4:37 am

    The amount of visual pollution is unbearable… Road signs, banners, ads, flyers, more ads… This cannot go on.
    And do let us know what Rima Srour decides — I live in the US now.

    • theboss July 24, 2014 7:02 am

      Lea someone actually commented on facebook that Rima probably didn’t even notice the proposal with the number of visually polluting banners around it! lol could be true.

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