REVEALING: 7 Lebanese Google Doodles

Last week, Lebanese on all Social Media Platforms shivered with patriotic orgasms as Google honored Lebanese actor Chouchou through a Google Doodle on its main international page.

Clicking on the Doodle taught us a Good thing and a Bad thing about Chouchou and thus about Lebanon.

The good thing we learned is that Chouchou not only sang, acted and composed songs but also created the National Theatre.

The bad thing we learned is that he died alone, poor and destitute. Oh, that and the fact that we didn’t know we even had a National Theatre.

Tonight we reveal to you, 7 new Lebanese Google Doodles that Google might use one day to tell the world about Lebanon’s culture.


What should also be made as a Lebanese Google Doodle? Send us your suggestions in the Comment box!

Disclaimer: The above Google Doodles were created by Blog of the Boss as a parody and are in no way related to Google inc.

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3 comments on “REVEALING: 7 Lebanese Google Doodles

  1. Jo March 3, 2014 10:33 am

    lol at tele liban … love it

  2. Maya March 3, 2014 4:57 pm

    The akbar jat hommos :)))) Ou ahamma wehde the lebanese skills, spot on 🙂

  3. mouhammad arnaout July 6, 2016 12:46 am

    Hello .Google Company you are theprestigious company and a leader in the online world . In addition you are a company that appreciates countries . And nice of you to put you to use your Bnazih codes in doodles . I am a thank you for that . I am a proposed new code to be crossing all national and beloved Lebanon about Lebanese peoples defend Lebanon in ancient attempts to invade this small country but a very large effect .I hope to you read this text . And thank you, the best company

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