Peaceful Lebanese citizen attacked by Beirut protestors (photos)

After a long day of shopping at some of downtown Beirut’s most expensive luxury fashion stores, a session of beauty pampering was just what Lebanese citizen Fae Raphael needed.

Shopping downtown beirut

But as she walked out of the capital’s finest nail spa, she had no clue that her life was just about to get dramatically ruined.

“I was standing there, holding my Chanel, and a group of protestors passing by chanting jensaipakoi, brushed against my right hand’s pinky finger!”

Woman attacked by protestors in Lebanon Beirut

Coming out of her state of shock, Fae looked at her finger in terror only to discover that her worst nightmare was coming true: the tip of her freshly manicured pinky nail was broken!

Beirut youstink protests violence

As she gasped in horror, dozens of media outlets rushed to the scene to cover the incident.

Lebanese security forces courageously picked up the broken millimeter of a nail tip that was now crucial valuable evidence and posted a #nofilter photo of it on their official instagram account.

Crime scene lebanon youstink

Another person who witnessed what has happened, voiced his opinion as a guest on one of the weekly Lebanese political shows:

“Is this how you change a country’s decade old political system? Why can’t they do it peacefully? What happened to Facebooking revolutionary statuses from the peacefulness of one’s own bathroom potty? “

Tweeting from bathroom lebanon

While her post-traumatic stress disorder prevented her from going on TV, the victim desperatly nagged to her friends that this country will never change!

Secretly however, Fae Raphael was praying that during their coverage, the media would not use her real ID name in arabic, “Faride Roufeyil”.

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