Nokia Tech’s Lebanese CEO Is Taking Hollywood To The Next Frontiers – Meet OZO!

When Nokia Technologies was looking for a visionary mind to lead its way into the future, their choice fell on Lebanese Ramzi Haidamus a former Dolby Executive Vice President who has played a big role getting Dolby to where it is today.

During a small gathering with Ramzi in Beirut, one could tell from this man’s eyes that a hidden magic trick was up his sleeves and from the way he talked proudly about his Nokia team it was definitely going to be big!

Well the reveal started yesterday with two posts on Haidamus’ wall mysteriously captioned “nowhere”.

Nokia Ramzi Haidamus Ozo hollywood

As the event unraveled in Hollywood, the reason behind Nokia’s choice of location, became clear. The tech company was taking the world into new frontiers of film making by releasing OZO, a futuristic new camera for filming virtual reality.

Intended primarily for non-consumer use (for now at least), the next-generation camera captures audio and video in 360 degrees giving users a full high quality immersive experience.

ozo ramzi haidamus nokia technologies virtual reality lebanon

The camera can also render, in a few minutes, a low resolution video of what is being shot thus allowing directors to fix and improve movie scenes without having to take the raw footage through long hours of post production.

The Verge, reporting on this big reveal, also spoke highly about the audio experience which is probably due to Haidamus’ long experience at Dolby:

“Audio is captured in three dimensions by eight microphones embedded in the camera, and the result is audio that helps to locate you in space. If you hear a dog barking behind you on in Ozo-produced VR, look behind you — you’ll see the dog.”



Kudos to Ramzi Haidamus and the Nokia team for proving that this company which once changed our lives through mobile technology is also able to lead humanity in a multitude of unpredictable fields and directions.

Until we get to witness this camera in action in movie theaters, you can check this video of OZO’s futuristic design!

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2 comments on “Nokia Tech’s Lebanese CEO Is Taking Hollywood To The Next Frontiers – Meet OZO!

  1. Bachir Cheaib July 31, 2015 10:28 am

    To complement the blog….
    While many big players are taking pace in the early, yet huge, virtual reality (VR) industry in terms of VR Headsets such as Facebook, Google, HTC, Samsung etc… as well as in terms of VR content production such as many small startups working via complex processing ; Nokia Technologies under the leadership of Ramzi, comes in to this scenery from a different angle: A unique camera from Nokia Technologies, designed and manufactured in Finland to create VR content on the spot!!
    That is disruptive, that is innovative, that is standard initiating… that well describes Ramzi’s professional track and characterizes Nokia. I believe…. more to come.

    Bachir Cheaib.

    • theboss July 31, 2015 11:14 am

      Thank you Bachir for all these additional insights.
      Indeed this is forcing the whole industry to reinvent itself.

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