New Lebanese IQ Test: the country that shocked the international community!

With Lebanon’s best brains ranking first on all international universities’ honor lists, and with hashtags like #AnaEbneMhandiz or #AnaEbneHakim constantly topping twitter’s global trends, a team of American experts joined forces to study this bizarre human ingenuity phenomena.

lebanese iq test lebanon brains

The researchers that gathered at Yale University came out with an unanimous conclusion that the international IQ test standards no longer applied to this small mediterranean country’s population which were able to easily ace it with stellar grades.

It was time for a new Lebanese specific IQ Test to be devised.

lebanon iq high exam test beirut

After months of intense research, and with the contribution of professors from around the globe, a Lebanese IQ Test was finally reached!

Blog of the Boss is the first to publish a leaked version of this new exam.

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Leaked Lebanese IQ Test

Question 1
If a company needs 90 days to build a Public Bridge for 1 Million Dollar, how many days does the Lebanese Government need to not build any bridge for the same budget?

Question 2
If a train’s average speed is 40 Kilometers an Hour, how much does the Lebanese Government pay today to public train employees knowing that this train no longer exists?

Question 3
Book is to Reading as in Politician is to
A) Stealing
B) Stealing
C) Stealing
D) Stealing

Question 4
Knowing that the Lebanese President’s term is supposed to be 6 Years, find the next number in this series of Presidential Election years:
1989, 1998, 2008, …

Question 5
A) True
B) False
C) Depends if you’re 8th or 14th of March

Question 6
If the local Electric Powerplant produces 500MW of electricity per hour and a citizen ticks the dijancteur 6 times per day, how big will this month’s Moteur bill be?

Question 7
Lebanese Citizen 1 meets Lebanese Citizen 2. How does 2 classify 1 if the latters’ name is “Tarek Daher”?
A) Christian
B) Chiite
C) Sunnite
D) Druze
D) A or B
E) A or C
F) A or D
G) B or C
H) C or D
I) B or D
J) Any of the above

Question 8
If you are not Pro-Hezbollah please jump to question 14

Question 9
If a water tank contains 100 Litres of water and Lebanese citizen Roula showers once per day, how many “citernes” will she have to call per month in order to take the shampoo off her hair?

Question 10
Knowing that every single Lebanese citizen is calculated to be born with 17,000$ in Public Debt, how many Xanax boxes will Khalil have to purchase per year to forget his shitty situation?

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Blog of the Boss just found out that a sample of 5,000 Lebanese minds, known for their geniusly high intellect, all tremendously failed the above IQ test proving that we are truly brilliant at everything except solving our own local tragedies.

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5 comments on “New Lebanese IQ Test: the country that shocked the international community!

  1. Fadi March 23, 2015 8:52 am

    LOL at question 4!

  2. Ghassan March 24, 2015 9:52 am

    If u r Lebanese why u don,t , save ur country from all above .

  3. yahya March 24, 2015 11:19 am

    so funny .. so smart .. attractive and eye catching title !! most of all so true yet really it’s the real sad situation of our beloved fu**ed up ️Lebanon

  4. hani March 26, 2015 4:57 am

    Funny and enjoyable but misses the most 2 important questions.
    1. When there is a situation to voice your opinion and participate in civil activities to try to change any of the above problems, how many take the time to do that?
    2. When the time comes for elections, how many of all those who complain, really take the time to vote, and vote for individuals that may make a difference?

  5. IQ-Brain June 14, 2016 8:02 am

    Great collections of Questions.

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