Netflix &‎ ّفل !

Netflix is now available in Lebanon! And as soon as the news broke out, every movie buff rushed to give it a test drive.

In parallel with this huge announcement, our amazing audience sent us LIVE SCREENSHOTS as they tried the service on Lebanon’s connection for all different movie genres! Below are some screenshots from their favorite most “exciting” moments.

Netflix in Lebanon as slow internet connection keeps all movies loading

Loading Netflix in Lebanon

Loading Netflix in Lebanon Ogero bad connection

Loading Netflix in Lebanon Abdel Menem Youssef Botros Harb Slow

Loading Netflix in Lebanon DSL connection ontornet

Loading Netflix in Lebanon Porn Loading Lebanon Slow Romance

Oh well. Seems like we will have to forget about “Netflix & Chill” for now, and until the movie loads just “Netflix &‎ ّفل”!

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One comment on “Netflix &‎ ّفل !

  1. Tarek Ab January 14, 2016 12:05 pm

    Lol this is funny. I already have a Netflix account I live in Budapest, I just need a beIN Sports account and I’ll let you use my Netflix account in return. Anyone ? 😀

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