Nestle Lebanon goes Braille

Feeling fatigue, high body temperature, frequent urination and you’ve just missed your period? Then you either are a pregnant woman or a man that has just stepped into a Supermarket!

Yes. There is something about Supermarkets and Malls that makes us men so vulnerable; just as if we were Superman thrown in a field of Kryptonite.


Women can easily smell their way to the shampoo isle and locate on the spot any product you name using their internal GPS  (S for Shopping) , while all what us men see is one huge beer fridge in the middle of a mind boggling labyrinth.

shutterstock_43877950 (1)

We may poke endless jokes about both genders’ shopping habits but we sometimes miss to notice how this activity that we take for granted can be almost impossible to achieve for some other people: those with visual impairment.

In fact, Lebanon is still to see the reinforcement of a strong law protecting the blind and facilitating their lives; covering their basic safety needs like sound emitting traffic lights to daily life needs like braille encoded elevators.

During one of the trips to the supermarket, we were happy to discover that some brands are adopting this task on their own.


Nestle Pure Life is one of the companies who has Braille encoded merchandise facilitating the recognition of their brand as well as the lives of their consumers.


Kudos for Nestle Pure Life, hoping other brands follow suite and praying that our government would catch up with the rest of the universe and not turn a blind eye!

For more details about Nestle Pure Life you may visit their website .

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6 comments on “Nestle Lebanon goes Braille

  1. christine March 13, 2014 1:27 pm

    not turn a blind eye! great way to end an interesting article.

  2. Ramzi March 13, 2014 2:06 pm

    Nice pun at the end

  3. Camelia Aoun March 13, 2014 3:36 pm

    Very impressive. Like the subject.

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