My name is Warkanesh, you can call me Wardeh

Daily stories about the abuse and exploitation of migrant domestic workers in Lebanon earned our nation its well deserved spot on the modern day slavery hall of shame.

But not all stories are alike.

Today a beautiful story unveiled itself through impactful photos, an artistic experiment, a display of affection and humanity starring Warkanesh, an Ethiopian migrant domestic worker who also likes being called Wardeh, and Anna Bhanniny a Lebanese architect.

This is no breaking news, scandal or porn star scoop. This may not even be a pro high quality photographic material; but in a world where only the negative takes all the spotlight, it is nice to take a break and stare at the small, innocent yet beautiful social media stories.

I will let the photos do the talking.

migrant domestic workers lebanon

migrant domestic workers beirut

domestic workers migrant lebanon

Hoping that the Lebanese labor system gets the urgent reform it needs so that people like Warkanesh, not only get to be treated with love but most importantly to be treated like any other rights equipped employee.

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