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Mother’s Day is just a few days away, and for those of you panicking and wondering how to go all corny, below is a step by step guide we have spotted on Fabienne Challita’s wall, explaining the Mother’s Day social media etiquette that would make your Mom the happiest woman on earth. Not.

Social Media Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Social Media Guide for Beginners

1- Change your profile picture to the photo of your Mom and let us all get confused who the fuck is who.
2- Post inspirational quotes (preferably written on some sunset background) about how your Mom gave you Life.
3- Post albums about the gift you got her and compete on whoever got the biggest, most expensive, most sexist and least useful one (i.e. handy tool that cuts cucumbers into flowery shapes?).
4- Now for the most important step, once the above is complete, totally ignore your Mom and spend the rest of Mother’s day looking at your mobile and browsing through your timeline on Social Media.

Thank you Fabienne Challita for sharing the above funny guide with all of us, what would have our online community done without you 😉

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One comment on “Mother’s Day Social Media Guide for Beginners – Boss Likes

  1. MC March 19, 2015 8:25 am

    And how they confuse the shit out of you because you just know their mom isn’t on either Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

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