Mona Lisa to replace Lebanese President’s wall photo in all Governmental offices

Hours, days and then months have passed ever since the Lebanese Presidential Palace became vacant.

Since then, one dilemma has been facing public sector officials: Whose photo will be hung on the wall of all governmental offices?

The official wall photo frame crisis was serious; after all no President was being elected and no solution was in sight…

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Whispers about replacing the wall photo of the former President with a white A4 paper was circulating secretly, yet no one dared suggest such a crazy idea especially with the famous law which “protects” the presidency from its own citizens’ freedom of speech.

Finally, one suggestion broke through the ice cold silence and divided all the public sector into two extremely separate camps: Replace the wall photo of the President with the painting of the famous MONA LISA!

mona lisa, president, lebanon, government, public, desk, official, photo, wall frame

The camp opposing the idea rose to the rescue of the Presidential dignity! How will we know if our president is happy or sad about specific decisions when the Mona Lisa is famous for her inexpressive facial features?

The camp supporting the idea quickly answered this question with their own! What difference would it make if we can tell how happy or sad our president is, while he has zero power for his opinion to make any difference?

Unknowingly, Da Vinci’s innocent lady had sparked a national debate which accentuated even more her evil smirk.

Everyone was asking the same question: which president is strong enough to fill the frame better than the Mona Lisa?

To answer that, experts in Politics and in Arts started by agreeing that “strong” has nothing to do with emotions or any poetic patriotic judgement of character which remains highly subjective.

A Strong President was to be defined by one of the two below options:

SOLUTION 1: Any presidential candidate, without the need of him having ANY political or parliamentary weight, however strongly equipping him with concrete powers and capabilities hard coded into the Lebanese Constitution.

SOLUTION 2: A presidential candidate with a big political and parliamentary bloc which will translate as well in a respectful governmental weight to make up for the absence of concrete powers and capabilities inexistent in the current Lebanese constitution.

One of these two scientific and objective solutions, or in a perfect world a mix of both, seemed to represent the only salvation path from the country’s crisis.

To resolve the epic photo frame battle which was now threatening the whole political system, a letter with both solutions was presented to the senior players on the Lebanese scene.

The verdict came out…

The photo to be hung in all governmental offices would need to represent another inexistant character, act as a powerless wall decoration, and constitute a mix of shapes and patches that would just please everyone…and no one!

The Mona Lisa is out. They want a Pikasso.

mona lisa, president, lebanon, government, public, desk, official, photo, wall frame

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