Miss Israel invading Miss Lebanon’s Photo is not a first! (Photos Inside)

As if invading lands, schools, hospitals and homes was not enough, the Israeli state is now into a new insolent kind of invasions. Photo invasions.

Miss Lebanon and Miss Israel in one photo

In fact, after the above Miss Universe beauty pageant photo shockingly joining Miss Israel and Miss Lebanon Sally Jreije in one frame made the rounds of Social Media, close sources to Miss Lebanon assured local news stations that the photo was never intended to include Miss Israel however the latter shoved herself into the group moments before the camera flash blinked.

Is the enemy Israeli state moving from a Bombing Tactic to a more advanced Photo Bombing one?

A small research online shows that this rude invasive behavior by Israel and their Miss Universe contestant is not recent and below is the proof.

Miss israel invades photo of miss Lebanon

Miss israel photo bombs miss Lebanon

miss israel invasion of photos

miss Israel invades photos including miss lebanon sally jreihe

Miss Israel and Sally Jreije photo parody

We do believe Miss Lebanon’s version of the incident and doubt that such a photo deserves to be turned into a big spying and betrayal conspiracy theory while we should be occupied with much bigger internal political and economic issues.

However, we also understand why Miss Israel would want to increase her exposure by invading everyone’s photos; as you may know, an Israeli representative cannot seriously expect to win any points by calling for “World Peace”.

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