Loto to ship all Lebanese Politicians to New Zealand?

It was just a few days ago when Lebanon woke up, for the first time, to some GOOD NEWS!

Lebanon loto beirut cats black bad luck

All over the streets, on billboards and tree barks (yes, we found one last tree left in Beirut), a campaign claiming to be grouping all black cats from Lebanon and shipping them to New Zealand where they can enjoy a long vacation and bring good luck to its people who, contrary to the Lebanese, believe they bring good luck!

black cats lebanon loto campaign

Wait, is this for real?

Digging deeper, one would discover the traces of renown creative agency Impact BBDO who developed this campaign for the Lebanese Loto, followed by a really funny viral video telling the whole (make believe) story from the planning and logistics in Loto’s offices in Beirut to the actual hotel in New Zealand which will be hosting all the black cats.

loto liban logo funny commercial

Blog of the Boss will not be tackling the advertising aspect, which we will leave for the experts, but for such a funny campaign we can’t but leave our cat paw imprints…

In fact, we took the liberty to give the campaign a different twist, and decided to change the official video script of the campaign. Just for fun.

We replaced the words “black cats” by “politicians”.
Let’s discover the result!


Loto is all about luck!
If you’re lucky you win, if you’re not you don’t
No one’s hit the jackpot in 14 weeks
You try again and again, thinking this time you’ll get lucky
The jackpot is growing bigger but no one is winning it…

loto libanais good luck money jackpot

No winner for so long
Only means the whole country is out of luck
We are jinxed! The whole country is jinxed!
We’re totally jinxed!

jinxed lebanon is out of luck

In Lebanon, people believe politicians bring bad luck
So we schemed up a plan
Let’s make them disappear
All of them.

loto bad luck beirut streets campaign

So we spread the word across Lebanon
If you spot a politician
Call our dedicated help line
We will send our trained crew to collect it
And whisk them all to the airport!


Just to be sure, we secured all required permits and licenses

A task force of 4 parties was assembled:
Loto, Municipality, Medical Council and Animal Care

“I know two politicians, I gave the bad one away and kept the good one”
“We are flying them all to New Zealand where seemingly they bring good luck”
“I sent our city’s politician, because at least it’s of some use there, here it was just a jinx, politicians are bad news, I tell you”

“If one politician is a jinx, we have what…100…150 of them in the back! God be with us!”

black cats for loto driver are bad luck

“We corresponded with the authorities in New Zealand, they were very cooperative and helpful and took care of all the formalities so the politicians could enter the country smoothly ”


A special team will greet them in Auckland and chauffeur them to a 5-Star hotel with a spectacular view.

“So we have an interesting group of politicians who have just checked in to the hotel, I can’t tell you the exact number but we have full occupancy and this is a full vacation for them, full access, spa treatments and different events happening”.


A special menu has been put together, Shrimps, Salmon, Tuna, Sashimi, Bluefin Tuna, and of course all kinds of dairy products.

“We have had a lot of luck since the politicians came to New Zealand”

“First day they came I got promoted to bell boy, I was just an intern, I even have a girlfriend now!”

new zealand hotel welcomes black cats of lebanon

Back in Lebanon not a single politicians in sight anymore.
“They are lucky to have them in New Zealand and we are luckier to lose them here!”


Notice : This blog post is not linked officially in any way to the Lebanese Loto or to the Agency behind the campaign. Statements in it are for pure satirical purpose and are not related to reality in any way. No politicians were hurt during the writing of this blog post

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