Letter from Santa to the Lebanese People

Like every passing Christmas, employees at the Lebanese Post Office were overwhelmed with the beautiful holiday letters going from Lebanon to the North Pole.

Little did they know that this year, one letter, from an unpredictable source, would change the season as we know it.

In fact, a few days before the 24th of December, one unexpected envelope fell down the post office pipeline and went from hand to hand leaving looks of amazement on every single face. Even Lipos’.

It was an envelope from Santa, dedicated to “The Lebanese People”.

letter from santa to the Lebanese People

This was no regular event. St. Nick does not just mail any country. He chose us and us alone. Call the photographers. Call Guiness Book. Call the Media.

All local TV stations, and some international ones, gathered to cover the big opening of the letter while Lebanese grouped at homes and town squares to proudly hear Santa’s magical Christmas message!

The letter read:


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One comment on “Letter from Santa to the Lebanese People

  1. Norma December 23, 2014 9:31 am

    Hooray! LOL …

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