Lebanon tops world’s highest paid jobs of 2014!

With every passing year, the world witnesses the creation of new jobs intended to cater to new technologies and the evolving needs of humanity.

However, not all jobs make it to the list of highest paid jobs in the world!

With an unimmaginable revenue stream justified with an equally challenging job description, the 5 positions below made it to the list of highest paid jobs on the globe.

5 – Swiss Health Researchers

valet parking in lebanon highest paid fees expensive

To say that our future is in their hands is not an understatement.

This very select group of highly educated researchers work day and night to come up with the cures for all the diseases that might threaten humanity.

This places them at spot number 5 of the world’s highest paid jobs!

4 – Dutch Diamond Experts

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When the rich and famous want some lavish and rare shiny diamonds, their eyes turn to these experts.

Said to be only a handful around the world, they are trained on state of the art billion dollar diamond carving machines and only work on the rarest of the precious stones ever to be collected from earth or its neighboring planets.

This places them at spot number 4 of the world’s highest paid jobs!

3 – Syberian Petroleum Scientists

beirut and lebanese highest wages in 2014

If wealthy oil billionaires ever financially depended on anyone, it would be this elite group of Petroleum Scientists.

Their skills in detecting the wells of black gold and their ability to extract it almost seemlessly makes them the unique go to team for all the richest nations of the world.

This places them at spot number 3 of the world’s highest paid jobs!

2 – American Space Explorers

valet parking highest paid jobs of 2014 topped by beirut

To say that they hold the secrets of the universe in their palm is an understatement.

In fact, these highly trained explorers risk their lives to explore all four corners of the universe and leave the footstep of humanity with every visit.

They also play one of the biggest contributing roles in science as they bring back samples from planets they visit as well as proves of possible life in outer space.

This places them at spot number 2 of the world’s highest paid jobs!

As for the highest paid job on earth, it goes to the one and only, the famous and unbeatable…

1 – Lebanese Valet Parking

valet parking lebanon highest paid in 2014 service

They jump at you out of nowhere and force you tyranically to use their service, whether you’re parking in front of a restaurant, club, hospital, church, or even your own house!

They make sure to leave memorable souvenirs in your car like used cigarettes, “bezr zghir” or a good luck charm locket consisting of a beautiful “rabtit khebz” around your car keys.

On your way out, they have the ability to seamlessly change the whole valet concept and simply point you to your car so you can go fetch it yourself.

Finally, their service fees are exponentially increasing by the second making them sometimes more expensive than the restaurant bill itself and granting them a spot on the international stock market to compete head to head with Gold and Oil stocks!

This places them at an uncontested rank number 1 of the world’s highest paid jobs. Mabrouk!

The above post is a comic parody and statements in it are not to be considered as facts. No animals were hurt during the creation of this blog post.

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3 comments on “Lebanon tops world’s highest paid jobs of 2014!

  1. A Concerned Individual January 7, 2015 1:03 pm

    You should really hike up the quality of writing over here. I wasn’t aware that “researches” was a job title! Also, I believe you should be referring to the Netherlands when speaking of diamond experts, not Belgium. And finally, I do hope you’re referring to “Siberian” petroleum scientists, not “Cyberian” ones. Oil drilling in Siberia is notoriously expensive, and not because of high wages anyways.

    I am fully aware that this is parody, of course, but the items in the list that are supposed to lend weight to the satirical finish are poorly constructed.

    • theboss January 7, 2015 3:38 pm

      Thanks for reading Concerned Individual! We really care about constructive feedback and will definitely take your advice into account.

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