Lebanon: Aliens spotted in the sky! 14 reasons why they are visiting.

In the land of wonders that is Lebanon, one cannot but take a deep breath every time he or she opens social media in fear of the next freak show the country is hiding for us.

After the helicopter that landed on the Jal El Dib highway few years ago and the recent photo of Myriam Klink pooping in a bikini, today’s news that an alien spaceship was spotted in the Lebanese skies does not come as a shocker!


Photo taken from Blog Baladi

We first saw the video on the profile of Boudy Boustany who informed us that he received the footage over Whatsapp. From there it took a viral spin around different timelines, news feeds and blogs!

But why would aliens decide to pay our small country a visit? Here are our top 14 guesses:

REASON 14: After years of hopelessly searching for human life around the galaxy, suddenly they smelled trash!

REASON 13: Electricity was off so they thought we were a black hole.

REASON 12: They’re sending us a citerne from Mars.

REASON 11: They came to resolve the galaxy’s biggest mystery: which one is Raja and which is Rudolph?


REASON 10: They heard across space the loud voice of a Lebanese mom skyping.

REASON 9: They’re here to watch Charles Aznavour.

REASON 8: They heard Boutros Harb’s report of installing 1.2 Million DSL accounts on 960 Thousand fixed lines and came to steal our super technology.

REASON 7: They just want to know who the hell are the 7 sisters?

REASON 6: They saw the biggest hummus plate from space.


REASON 5: They came to get a “rokhsit sle7” for their laser guns.

REASON 4: After 1000,000,000 years of savings they could finally afford a house here.

REASON 3: Their technology allows for a stealth mode landing in 3 microseconds but they found no place to park.

REASON 2: They’re here to attend the closing night at White.

REASON 1: They are coming to kidnap our President. Well take that bitches!

Aliens visit Lebanon Beirut

Whether it’s a real UFO or a fake drone, what do you think is the most probable reason aliens would ever want to visit us? Hit us with your own answers in the comment box!

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9 comments on “Lebanon: Aliens spotted in the sky! 14 reasons why they are visiting.

  1. Jo October 9, 2015 8:11 am

    They were dining with Maryam Nour. Anno ma fi lwa7ad ba2a ye3zom as7abo 3al 3asha ?

  2. Hisham Assaad October 9, 2015 8:01 pm

    Is that Maya Diab in the last photo? I know that solarium turns you green in the end

  3. Caroline October 10, 2015 3:08 pm

    I actually ordered an alien house maid, she was the easiest one to get here

  4. mike October 10, 2015 3:59 pm

    they are at war in their galaxy and they came to consult sami al jmail for his military tactics nadooooooooor

  5. Charbel October 10, 2015 5:48 pm

    What’s a fake drone?

  6. zyad October 12, 2015 12:48 am

  7. Seven Sisters Beirut October 14, 2015 3:29 pm

    Hello Aliens,

    We can help you with reason number 7 but you should hurry up; in less than a week ” Seven Sisters Beirut” will close! Come by this Saturday, the 17th of October for our last night for summer 2015. Or else you will have to wait until summer 2016!

    Seven Sisters Beirut

    • theboss October 15, 2015 10:39 pm

      Thanks for the cool comment 7 Sisters! Looking forward to discover the place we’ve all heard so much about. Keep it up 🙂

  8. denise October 28, 2015 1:57 pm

    They are here to see and find out how our leaders managed to take back the country hundreds of years back in such a record time

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