Lebanon: After IMAX, mind blowing 4DX coming to VOX Cinemas!

The world is changing at an exponential acceleration.

Long ago, change happening on the planet gave Lebanon enough time to catch up, even if late, to join the global community in social, business and scientific change.

That is no longer the case.

With technology leading all other sectors and transforming all industries at the speed of light, we no longer have the luxury as a nation to wait until innovations travel half-way across the globe to reach us. That drastic viral spread of technology is also no longer restricted to communication devices and gadgets, it is changing the world of medicine, business, lifestyle and a universe we all love, that of ENTERTAINMENT!


During last year’s launch of Nokia’s Immersive Reality Camera OZO in the US, it was clear that Hollywood and the world is currently going through a revolution after to the creation of new innovations such as virtual reality headsets, cameras, screens, surround sound objects, among other.

Imagine watching the next horror movie looking over your shoulder, literally; or enjoying the next adventure motion picture while feeling the wind fly through your face or smelling sulfur mixed with thrill and adrenaline.

Now you can.


Lebanon’s VOX Cinemas is constantly redefining how we experience entertainment, and that was clearly revealed when they dedicated a private screening room for gaming (Playstation, XBox, etc…), when they offered live screening of popular football championships, and lately their grand release of the nation’s first longly awaited international standards IMAX theatre.

These consistent leaps forward are now being swiftly followed by a new big announcement, Beirut is now joining the rest of the world with a coming-soon 4DX motion chairs and multi-sensory effects technology.


What is 4DX?

This technology brings high definition, intense experience to all your senses:

  • Motion
  • Back & Bottom Shakers
  • Water
  • Scents
  • Fog
  • Wind
  • Lighting
  • Air Shocks
  • Face Air
  • Bubbles
  • Rain
  • Back & Leg Ticklers

Some of us might have tried a basic version of this experience in theme park short movies, however just imagine the real thing, in high quality, implemented on big hits you love like The Avengers, The Hunger Games or Star Wars.

Can you imagine discovering 4DX on a cataclysmic armageddon like disaster movie.


The date of the 4DX release has not been disclosed yet, however in a recent avant premiere everyone noticed that VOX Lebanon has installed the signage at City Center thus hinting that the big launch is not too far.

A more recent social media post caption winked at a possible date range with a “Guess who is coming to town before #Santa?”. Will this season’s screenings be taking all our senses to a magical trip to the North Pole?



Why is this important anyway?

VOX Lebanon is doing a lot more than upgrading its service and our in theatre experience. VOX is preparing Lebanon for the next giant leap where multi-sensory experience converges with virtual reality immersive technology at the movies.

So fasten your cinema theatre seat belts and get ready to get into the action!

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One comment on “Lebanon: After IMAX, mind blowing 4DX coming to VOX Cinemas!

  1. Cornelia February 16, 2017 2:34 am

    A few years ago I’d have to pay someone for this infrmoation.

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