Lebanese’s craziest Valentine ideas!

The daily stroll through Facebook was not the same this weekend.

With Valentine’s day happening on Saturday and 50 Shades of Grey premiering in Lebanese theatres, my newsfeed was a mix of corny love messages (vomits), tons of flower bouquets (rolls eyes), and a lot of raging hormones under cover!


However, as usual, some Lebanese came up with rather unusual creative or funny Valentine ideas to stand out from the crowd and make us all smile, laugh and like!

We are sharing with you below the 3 craziest Valentine’s ideas we have spotted on Lebanese timelines.

Here it goes:

lebanon valentine flower bouquet french fries funny

Jenny Rizk gets a bouquet of …wait for it…French Fries!

lebanon beirut valentine funny motorbike date

Ibrahim Beick goes on a date with his one and only love: his Motorbike!

beirut valentine lebanese raddish bouquet funny social media

Ehab Shehabi gets his girl one of the most expensive products in the market: a bouquet of raddish!

We just LOVE these ideas. Which is your favorite? Vote in the comment box!

Big thanks to Christian Aoun for sending us these amazing screenshots among others!

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