Lebanese woman wins the heart of LARGO WINCH in Chassé-Croisé

Fans of comic books around the world are enjoying the release of the new 19th edition of LARGO WINCH entitled Chassé-Croisé.

Lebanese woman saiidee in new Largo Winch chassee croisee

Published by Dupuis and created by Philippe Francq and Jean Van Hamme, this Belgian Action/Adventure tells the story of a a young orphan propelled to the leadership of a huge business empire, Group W, after his adoptive father Nerio is murdered.

The spicy addition to this new edition however is in the main female character, Saiidée, a Lebanese Sculptress that apparently succeeds in winning the heart of the Comic Book’s renown hero.

largo winch lebanese woman saiidee

Unfortunately, even in the imaginary comic books world, the Lebanese are also having an existential identity crisis, as Saiidée goes on to explain when asked whether she is an Arab:

“I am a Christian Maronite. My father pretends that we are direct descendants of the ancient Phoenicians. That’s why he named me like the old city of Sidon”

Saiidee wins heart of Largo Winch in 19th edition comic book

How will the relationship of Largo and Saiidée evolve? Will she bring this Comic Book to an end as she strips Largo from all his money to finance her plastic surgery operations, Sky Bar group outings and Aishti shopping sprees?

Largo Winch Saiidee love in Comic Book Chassee Croisee

We are truly looking forward to read the full comic book and discover all the details. Meanwhile, big thanks Daniel Georr for the snapshots!

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