Lebanese woman caught shopping at discounted outlet store

It was a beautiful sunny morning for Tina, but as this Lebanese woman woke up and head to shop at a nearby discounted outlet store she had no clue her life was about to change for the worse.

It all started when she slid her credit card to purchase that 20$ black dress which ended up costing only 10$ post-discount; Her mobile immediately beeped signaling an SMS from her Bank which read “Your credit card has just been charged for…omg…what did you just do…”


Soon enough, news about Tina’s cheap dress purchase had spread like wild fire on Social Media and close friends of hers started mass-unfriending her and replying to people’s comments by excuses like “I don’t even know that person, my account got hacked into friending her!”


Meanwhile, Tina’s daughter had to interrupt her psychiatric treatment, which she started right after the terrible incident, to appear as a guest on all monday’s scandalous TV shows.

“I had never imagined she would do this to us. She is not a mom. She is a momster!” screamed the little girl in tears.


Full of regret, Tina spoke to the media to apologize for the damage she did to her community and that she was ready to accept whatever decision the Lebanese legal system would adopt.

The judge’s decision was soon announced and the sentence was read aloud.


“In the case of public good versus Tina, the court rules the accused guilty as charged. The punishment is a lifetime of shopping deprivation and 12 year ban from accessing Sky Bar.”

As if all of this was not terrible enough, the final blow came from Lebanese brands that jumped on the viral wave through creative campaigns bashing the woman for her cheap reckless behavior accompanied by a trending hashtag: #JarrasTina.

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