Lebanese sperm baffles European scientists

With Millions of Euros in yearly funding, the Center of Ultrareproductive Medicine (CUM) was leading, from its European headquarters, the widest global research into the human reproductive system.

lebanese sperm

The principal scope of this study consisted of examining hundreds of thousands of male semen samples from all four corners of the world in order to compare and come up with new discoveries and treatments that would change humanity as we know it.

However, after years of hard work and having made no significant progress, the lead researchers found themselves in a really sticky situation.

sperm lebanon

Well until they came to examine the Lebanese sample.

In fact, out of millions of little swimmers making up the Beirut sourced specimen, one particular sperm had quite a baffling behavior.

Defying all scientific laws, this sperm automatically gained full unconditional access to the ovule without any kind of challenge or race with others of its kind to earn this privilege.

lebanese sperm research

Furthermore, this reproductive cell had an immeasurable negative effect on its fellows who were rendered, in its presence, divided, weak and extremely poor.

To top it all off, this particular sperm refused to follow the 9 months development period and instead renewed its stay in the ovule for an indefinite period defying life’s rules, scientific norms and human logic.

Unable to understand this bizarre biological phenomena, the researchers dug deep into its records to determine the donor behind this unprecedented semen sample.

sperm satire politics

To the surprise of everyone, the donor turned out to be none other than one of Lebanon’s known politicians and Member of Parliament.


The research result was now ready to be announced to the world, and the scientific conclusion was clear.

In Lebanon, when you’re the offspring of a Lebanese political figure, you do not need to work hard and prove yourself to acquire his traits and privileges. You inherit those since your conception.

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One comment on “Lebanese sperm baffles European scientists

  1. Ramzi May 7, 2015 9:28 am

    “Researchers found themselves in a sticky situation”, I see what you did there… Clearly this baffling discovery made them go nuts;)

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