Lebanese News outlets closing down. The reason?

In a joint meeting, Lebanese News outlets just announced their unanimous decision to close down their institutions for good.

In fact, after a long debate with Lebanon’s Ministry of Information, these News Agencies consisting of Tv Channels, News Websites and Printed Press declared that the amount of important news happening in the Middle East is more than what their understaffed teams could ever handle.

wtf press in lebanon closing down

One news editor spoke hysterically about her traumatizing experience stating with a shivering voice and teary eyes “I cannot take it anymore, the responsibility of writing impactful articles day and night is just too much”.

Right before handing over the microphone she added mistakenly “Wa nabka l2aan ma3 al nashra al jawwiya”.

anchor news crying lebanon

The joint Press Releases which was distributed to the Press, by the Press, concluded “The amount of life or death articles and the headlines which are shaping our society are overwhelming and a look at our history of minute by minute coverage and earth shattering posts is nothing but a proof to that!”

Upon this shocking development which may leave Lebanon denuded from its reputable press, Blog of the Boss compiled a list of some of these life changing articles:

















With such priceless life changing articles off the internet, one and only catastrophic question comes to mind.

What will our society who seems to be (literally) “Liking” these articles be left to read?

The above article is a comic parody and statements in it are not to be considered as facts. No animals were hurt during the creation of this blog post.

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