Lebanese loses 1 Million Dollar Question!

He had never imagined he would reach the Million Dollar Question.

As this Lebanese man walked onto the stage of the famous Millionaires TV Game Show, his memory took him back to the tough college days and to the long nights of reading and research.

Will all this acquired knowledge get him to win the big Million Dollar Question?

Lebanon million dollars question new year

The first 12 questions were tough if you were to ask the regular audience, but our contestant effortlessly and correctly guessed all of them.

As he progressed, the famous anchor moved to more difficult ones until he reached the 250,000$ Question!

lebanese loses million dollar question new year

The question sounded almost unanswerable. Not for our Lebanese champion though.
In a glimpse and in a very confident manner, our contestant read the CORRECT ANSWER out loud!

People cheered.

With a lot of suspense, the anchor moved carefully to the next question.
The 500,000$, yes you heard right, half a Million Dollar, Question.

new year question one million dollar millionaire

The question sounded more like a complex code to decipher. Everyone on stage stood silent almost shivering in fear.

The Lebanese participant smiled, breathed in calmly and gave the answer. Another CORRECT ANSWER!

The audience was cheering, the anchor was clapping, you could almost hear the heartbeats of all the Lebanese people watching at home.

This is it. The final frontier. It’s time for the 1 MILLION DOLLAR question!

millionaire lebanese loses question

Tense silence filled the four corners of the studio as all eyes stared at the Lebanese contestant.

Will he get the question right? Will he be the next Lebanese Millionaire?

millionaire lebanon new year who wants to be a millionaire

The anchor read the question aloud.

A pale color appeared on the face of our player which suddenly started sweating and shivering in panic.

The audience leaned forward to hear what his trembling lips uttered faintly:
“I don’t….I don’t know …. I don’t know the answer…”

It was no point in trying. He lost. The question was just too difficult to answer.
The audience and all the Lebanese at home cried for days.

The Million Dollar Question was:

lebanese new year lebanon million dollar question

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4 comments on “Lebanese loses 1 Million Dollar Question!

    • theboss December 29, 2014 11:51 am

      HAHAHAHHA I’ll take that as a compliment Ali…I guess…

  1. Ali Chehade December 30, 2014 10:38 pm

    LOL .. for some reason, everyone tells you “ma ba3ref .. ma3 el 3ayle ow heik” .. and then on Jan 1 .. you see all the crazy pics .. lol

    • theboss December 30, 2014 10:54 pm

      LoL indeed. And the women in the pics are NOT his aunts…

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