Lebanese celebrities fight over last biz

After the popular web domains .com, .org and .net took over the net and with the release of new domain names matching all needs and tastes, the international domain booking organization announced it was about to stop registering new .Biz domains and the number of these domains left to book was very limited.


While this news was barely noticed around the world, the reaction in Lebanon was quite different!

Plastic surgeons were first to rush to try and grab a Biz.

Domains such as enfokh.biz was highly popular among them and reached thousands of dollars in value.


Female Lebanese singers/performers competed, as they always do for anything, over who had the best domain name suggestion to make it to the last booking list.

Their dress, their talk and their walk said one and only one thing “My Biz is better than yours”.


One singer whose artistic nickname had more characters than international domain norms (Kawakib Majarrat Al Ghina2 Al Sharki) had her application rejected by the international domain booking organization who stated in an email “Sorry, your Biz is too big to be accepted”.

Blogoftheboss later found out that she had to settle for a standard lek-malla.biz domain.


On a final note, the new (fake) banana singing sensation Zeezee M announced to the Press that one Biz was not enough for her and ended her statement with “Bizi, Biz, Bizzayn…baddi tnayn!”


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Lebanese Examiner

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