Lebanese Army infiltrates Israel…through Google Ads!

A Lebanese Army advertising campaign on the Haaretz IsraelI News website may sound more like a Photoshop hoax than a true story!

However, Lebanese Newspaper L’Orient Le Jour just reported that the National Army’s campaign “Men kel Lebnen la kel Lebnen” (translated: From all of Lebanon to all of Lebanon) did in fact make it to the said IsraelI homepage.

lebanese army ad on haaretz israeli website google adwords

Photo Credit : L’Orient Le Jour

How is this possible? A closer look at how Google Ads operate explains easily the reasonning behind this story.

Google Adwords is a service which allows you to upload your campaign visual on Google’s servers and choose a set of Keywords or Topics that are of interest to your target audience.

google adwords banners lebanon army haaretz

So let us say for example that you wish to target all readers of websites having to do with Lebanon and Politics, Google will display your AD on all sites which match these two keywords and which have the Google Adsense canvas installed.

google adwords banners lebanon army haaretz

This Google service allows the website visitors to benefit from targetted ADs which suit their topics of interest and the website owner to get paid by the advertising party, through Google, for every click or view the audience places on the banner.

google adwords banners lebanon army haaretz

Finally, it is worth mentioning that Google also allows you to block certain ADs if you are the owner of a site and that is probably a tool that Haaretz used to block the Army AD after it has been reported in the media.

Many of you may now be having a big AHA moment as hundreds of weird viagra, catalogue wives, or hemorroid AD encounters on some websites finally make sense!

funny google adsense adwords

On that point L’Orient Le Jour had a courageous and interesting confession themselves in their original article, by Emilie Sueur.

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