La Tizi singer hits again with…Asabi3 Rijlayki!

When the Syrian singer Firas Al Hamzawi (فراس الحمزاوي) released his first song “La Tizi La Terja3i” (لطيزي لاترجعي), this relatively unknown performer, which names himself a Syrian Hero Artist, had no idea that he was about to get propulsed into the regional YouTube hall of fame!

Firas Hamzawi La Tizi syrian singer viral

One song and half a million views later, his song was being shared by the Arab digital community on all pages and platforms. This effect has pushed this “singing sensation” to produce another song, this time targeting the foot fetish audience and entitled “Asabi3 Rijlayki” (أصابيع رجليكي)!

Listen to the song by clicking below:

I personally love the guy.

If you consider him as a singer, yes you may have plenty of remarks on the negative effect that this has on the artistic scene (but is it really very far from this?); however, if you consider him as a comedian, this song is actually making everyone laugh and we do need some humor nowadays.

What do you think of such songs? Hit us your opinion in the comment box!

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