Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet Premiere in Beirut –If Gibran Was on the Red Carpet…

It is a first! An emotion-filled, mind inspiring, red carpet unrolling first.

Yes, it is the first time Lebanon has ever hosted the world premiere of any film, let alone the film inspired by Kahlil Gibran’s masterpiece: “The Prophet.” Our very own Gibran, the writer, the poet and the painter.

gibran khalil gibran the movie prophet

Not only that, but the film boasts on its credits roll two huge names of Lebanese origins: Emmy award winning actress Salma Hayek-Pinault who produced the animated movie (and lent her voice to the character of Kamila) and Academy Award winning music composer, Gabriel Yared. And they’re both coming to Beirut, to attend the movie’s glamourous premiere on Monday, the 27th of April. This Monday! Yes!

gebran khalil gebran the prophet premiere in beirut lebanon

It is exciting indeed, but come to think of it, what would Gibran say if he were to come back for a visit in his homeland? I bet his speech would be more likely inspired by his poem “Pity the Nation” (ويل لأمة) and not as much by the beautiful inspiring teachings of the prophet…

Here’s our very own, Blog of the Boss simulation written the same way as Gibran would have typed it today, in a mix of English and Latin Arabic:

Waylon Li Oummatin whose people start the month with sushi boats for dinner but strategically keep a photo of it in their phone gallery – only to Instagram it a few weeks later when all they can afford is falafel.

Waylon Li Oummatin whose Social Security still did not pay me back the meds I presented in 1890.

Waylon Li Oummatin whose eternal Cedar trees will most certainly be outlived by the problem of “Silsilit el Routab wal Rawatib.”

Waylon Li Oummatin whose young families can only afford buying a 1 square meter apartment.

Waylon Li Oummatin whose people dedicate their week-ends to creating scandals and start their week watching scandal(ous) shows on local TV.

Waylon Li Oummatin whose internet speed makes an e-mail travel slower than a printed letter hanged in the air and waiting to reach its destination as the earth rotates.

Waylon Li Oummatin whose citizens are separated by patriotism and unified by Pirate Kings.

Gibran – remembering his quote on children – would have closed his speech saying: “Awladoukoum laysou lakoum, awladoukoum abna2a Canada, Australia, Faransa…” or any other country – Mexico, Salma? – that would give them the chance to fulfill their dreams when their own nation has failed to do so.

gebran khalil gebran animation movie

Let’s raise a toast to the perpetuity of Gibran’s philosophy. The man had seen and understood all there is to know about life and happiness, and what builds proud nations.

This film which is based on “The Prophet” (and not “Pity the Nation”, thank God!) – Gibran’s most beautiful and universal opus in my modest opinion offers us a much needed parenthesis from our everyday mediocrity, and I think it can also bring hope, hope in a renewed spirit of humanity that would inspire us all to become at least a tiny bit better, to make this country as good as it can be.


I can’t wait for Thursday, the 30th of April, the day the movie will launch in cinemas across Lebanon. See you at the ticketing booth!

And bring your kids – this is a chance for them to grow smarter than we did.

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2 comments on “Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet Premiere in Beirut –If Gibran Was on the Red Carpet…

  1. Jo April 23, 2015 8:11 am

    And bring your kids – this is a chance for them to grow smarter than we did.

    It is impossible to outsmart you 😉

    • theboss April 23, 2015 8:46 am

      Hahaha oh Jo, you always succeeding in making me blush 😛

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