In Lebanon, instagram is not only about sushi!

While hashtags like #instaMaki and #sushiPorn are probably next in line after #bathroomSelfie in terms of popularity in Lebanon, instagram lovers sometimes fall on some exceptionally unique accounts.

However, it is definitely not the beautiful photos taken by professional photographers that make an insta account unique; in fact, it’s those quick shots taken by regular non-experienced users that freeze special moments in time and succeed in telling a story!

Today I would like to share with you, maybe slightly subjectively, one such account that never ceased to inspire me.

instagram elie chiha beirut lebanon

The instagram profile of Elie Chiha, also known as “Chi7as”, who is no well trained experienced journalistic photographer but a web developer with a self discovered eye for photography story-telling.

Below are a few of the “stories” which you can discover through his instagram:


2014-06-04 04.05.13

2014-06-04 04.08.51

2014-06-04 04.07.36

2014-06-04 04.04.35


2014-06-04 04.03.52

2014-06-04 04.03.20


2014-06-04 04.01.40

2014-06-04 04.00.56


2014-06-04 04.00.15

2014-06-04 03.59.01

2014-06-04 03.58.12

2014-06-04 03.57.03

2014-06-04 03.56.23

2014-06-04 04.09.56

ski season Instagram Elie Chiha Beirut Lebanon
Letting the photos do the talking, I invite you all to share in the comment box any other accounts which may have left you “inspired”!

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3 comments on “In Lebanon, instagram is not only about sushi!

  1. Ramzi June 6, 2014 7:32 am

    These are really good
    Way to go

  2. Camelia Aoun June 6, 2014 8:32 am


  3. Christine June 7, 2014 1:25 pm

    Reading this post I really appreciated that u mentioned it is subjective… But looking through chi7as images and already having a little idea of his talents, makes me really happy you have wrote a whole post abt him. The images take u to the places he has visited and they do tell a different story to each person, which is the definition of a successful photojournalist in my opinion.

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