How a Lebanese speaking Facebook Virus is trying to steal your password!

If a survey was ever to be conducted asking Lebanese what was their number one fear in life, one answer would probably beat “death” to the number one position: Having my facebook password stolen!

While we are all aware and careful of English messages and links that we avoid due to their history of spamming and taking over accounts, we are not used to this new type of “Lebanese Facebook Virus”.

It all starts with the below message popping up in your inbox from one of your Facebook friends.


Clicking on the link would open what seems to be an innocent Facebook login page.


This however is NOT AT ALL the official Facebook login page. This is a fake login page designed to look exactly like the Facebook one, and if you fall in the trap of filling your username and password they get saved in the apps’ database thus jeopardizing your account.

The app then goes on to send the same message from your account to all your friends who may fall in the same trap.

A little bit of research takes us to the main page of the international SIMPA APP which reveals the truth behind this malware.


Now “virus” may not be the right technical word to use in this case, as this technique is what is known to be a “Phishing” technique. Phising has nothing to do with the summer fish catching sports, it is in fact described by wikipedia as:

“…the attempt to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details (and sometimes, indirectly, money) by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication”

How to stay safe?

Simply avoid clicking on such links or filling your username and password. In case you already fell as victim to this scam, make sure to quickly change your password on facebook and on your email account used to access the social platform.

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