Hilarious tweets by Annahar Newspaper and Voix du Liban!

Woke up today to a screenshot circulating on Social Media of a really funny tweet posted by mistake by Annahar Newspaper.


What makes it even funnier is the fact that it was tweeted by a newspaper which gives the announcement a very serious breaking news kind of tone.

This should be taken light heartedly however, Annahar Newspaper is not to be blamed for a mistake that does happen with all Social Media community managers, especially with the multitude of accounts and huge amount of content that need to be juggled.

The proof of that is another funny tweet posted by Voix du Liban on their Twitter account claiming the goal scored by Brazil as an Exclusive Scoop!


Note: The Annahar tweet was not verified for authenticity as it may have been deleted from Annahar’s account

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