Help This Lebanese Farmer Sell His Crops #Yalla3alTeffe7

For as far as I could remember, I had felt my dad struggle.

Struggle to get support for his green projects, struggle to sell his crops in a horrible market situation, struggle to get food on the table and afford a good education for his kids. This was never due to his lack of skills, my father was in fact an honor roll engineer from one of the most advanced agricultural universities in Montpellier, France.

Years passed, we grew older, and yet I had no idea what could be the reason behind his struggle; what is it that made my dad, a person that succeeded in building a good family and raising good kids, secretly question whether or not he failed his career or failed us.

Apple Products Lebanon Farmers

Photo Credit: The Daily Star

Today I know, he did not fail. It is the government that did.

The same governmental system that is failing me today, every day, as a digital entrepreneur, had failed my dad in the exact same way. The same system that had me begging for an internet connection to build an office away from the capital, the same system that had me resorting to dozens of contacts to fix an electricity cut that left my company in the dark for 3 days, the same system that is leaving me without social security despite the fact that I took risks to employ more than 20 young Lebanese and give them a slight chance at staying here.

Yes that same political system had also failed at building the mere basics of an ecosystem that would allow the agricultural industry to grow and today it continues to fail people like my late father, myself and like young farmer Raed Chami.

farming Lebanon apple produce

The story of Raed, picked up by Hadi Deaibess and communicated to us by Nadine Mazloum, speaks of another struggle of a farmer trying to sell the fruit of his hard work before it is too late.

In an article published by Daily Star in 2014, one farmer from the North explains that this apple selling crisis was linked to many factors among them the absence of financial support which would allow farmers to store their produce in refrigerators and not force them to sell their produce all at one at any price.

In fact, Raed has been trying by all means to sell his bio apples before the end of March. These apples, despite not being gorgeously photoshopped AD standard looking apples on the outside due to them being naturally grown without any chemical spraying, are healthy tasty Lebanese apples perfect for jam, juice, apple cake, and eating!

The kilo is at 3,000LL, and drops to 2,500LL at 10 kilos (or more) with a complimentary bottle of apple cider vinegar.

Hadi who first shared the story of Raed online, is also offering to deliver these apples within the Beirut region, while other online influencers like Nadine have been sharing the message across different social platforms and even trying to find the needed tools and resources to transform some of this produce into jam.

Another inspiring online initiative which sends a clear message to this worthless waste producing, dream wasting, political system: “WE DO NOT NEED YOU”.

We’ve seen our parents struggle, we’ve learned from them, we’re not waiting for your help anymore, we will do this ourselves.


So today, let’s stand  together as a community, shoulder by shoulder, and support Raed and other farmers. Let us place orders through his phone on 79-132592 or through Hadi‘s personal Facebook Messenger, or even by sharing this story around, as you know what they say: “An apple a day, keeps corruption away”.

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3 comments on “Help This Lebanese Farmer Sell His Crops #Yalla3alTeffe7

  1. yo it's gonzo March 7, 2016 10:40 pm

    hey boss, i love you for writing this article

    • theboss March 7, 2016 11:04 pm

      Thank you Remy. It’s one of my favorites so far. Was happy to read your comment.

  2. Tam March 10, 2016 7:36 pm

    can i give money? we dont eat apples ^^

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