Help save my friend from Pirate Kings!

Dear reader,

I am sending you this chain letter to help me save my friend from a ruthless addiction.

It all started, on an unfortunate day, when my mobile beeped me a Facebook notification “Your friend Carol invited you to play Pirate Kings”.

pirate kings game addiction facebook

I knew since that moment that it would all go downhill. It did.

Soon enough, she began harrassing people with Facebook invites until everyone, yes EVERYONE, started unfriending her. Sure, she may still have friends and family in real life, but how does that matter when her virtual friends don’t want her on their walls anymore?

pirate kings game notifications

Carol then lost her job after her addiction grew and she started answering her boss with a weird pirate slang, sending him emails signed “Ahoyyy Captain!”

This sickness further screwed her life up after she shoved a food spoon in her baby daughter’s ear as she couldn’t see straight from her pirate eye patch.

facebook games apps notified spam

Then it was the divorce.

Her husband did not appreciate sexual role play with her wearing a beard and screaming “call me Jack Sparrow!” with a rough male pirate voice.  Giving him a handjob with a sharp hook did not make the situation any better.

play pirate kings invite spam

I am sending you this chain letter asking for your help to save Carol and other friends from this evil disease.

Forward this to 10 people and Facebook will donate 1$ to the Anti Pirate Kings Association.

Fail to forward it and you will lose an eye and start walking on a cane while holding a parrot over your shoulder for the rest of your life.

Remember, Pirate Kings is not only out there. It might very well happen to someone you love.

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