Gmail saves Lebanese from horrible job opportunity

The job opening was for an Analyst; a person with advanced skills in finance and capable of undertaking the prepartion, development and analysis of a company’s crucial accounting information.

job opening lebanon satire comedy

But when the HR department of a local Lebanese firm was creating that opportunity on Linkedin, it knew this job was not nearly as interesting as the description they copied and pasted from google.

In fact, like many jobs in Lebanon, the real job description of this Analyst consisted of tasks like sucking up to the boss, kissing ass to shareholders, taking shit from colleagues and getting your butt whooped by clients. All this for a low salary, no social security and of course very little human dignity.

linkedin beirut lebanese job

Coincidently, and a few hours after the Analyst job opening was submitted, one talented Lebanese man named Dany was checking his email for new job openings.

satire lebanon job funny linked in

Just as he saw the email message and was about to click on it for a chance to apply, he noticed what seemed to be a subliminal warning message from modern technology.

Yes, it seems like Gmail who had access to everyone’s communication, grew through its artificial intelligence the knowledge about the shitty Lebanese jobs situation.

The Analyst job opening in Dany’s email was conveniently trimmed by Gmail to say:

hilarious job lebanon linkedin email satire

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One comment on “Gmail saves Lebanese from horrible job opportunity

  1. Ramzi April 1, 2015 12:43 pm

    Well, how does it end? Does Dany have experience in Anal? That’s one hell of a cliffhanger and a major plot twist right there.

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