Ghassan Massoud elected member of the EMMY Awards Jury

I am not a TV freak nor an expert in movie critic, however, like many of us, I do feel frustration whenever I follow one of the big awards events and notice almost nonexistent presence of Lebanon and the Arab World.

emmy awards ghassan massoud jury

Again, my lack of experience and knowledge in this field always made me wonder if this is a deliberate policy or maybe a conspiracy of some kind, or simply because we do not have big budget productions which compete with Spielberg level movies and TV series.

However, I have always believed that bright minds are those that can create something out of nothing; those that can deliver a strong and impactful message in a sometimes modest yet creative way. Maybe a good place to start would be for us to have a say in the global artistic scene.

The below tweet by Roula Talj founder of “Moon & Stars”, a Beirut based production company, states that a new interesting announcement is about to be made.

ghassan massoud emmy awards jury roula talj

As introduced by Wikipedia “Ghassan Massoud (Arabic: غسّان مسعود‎; born September 20, 1958) is a Syrian actor and filmmaker. He is known in the West for playing the role of Muslim ruler Saladin in Ridley Scott’s 2005 film Kingdom of Heaven“.

emmy awards ghassan massoud jury

You may also know this actor from “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End” where he played the role of Ammand the Corsair.

ghassan massoud emmy awards jury syria lebanon

Massoud is not only an actor but is also a Drama teacher at the Damascus Music and Drama School and Higher Institute for Dramatic Arts. As described by the IMDB, he is also known for refusing most big-budget productions before he cares more about the quality of the film and acting.

emmy awards jury lebanon syrian ghassan massoud

ghassan massoud

While this has not been officially announced by the Emmy Awards organization, however Blog of the Boss contacted Ms Talj to verify the authenticity of the good news which is not only a big step for the Arab artistic scene but also for the world which will definitely benefit from a more multi-cultural point of view and a new perspective which we are sure Ghassan Massoud will add to the global film & series industry.

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