5 undeniable proofs Phoenicians discovered AMERICA!

For hundreds of years, humanity wrote history books and built venerating statues for a big impostor known as Christopher Columbus who once claimed, through a Facebook Status gone viral, that he discovered THE AMERICAS.

Christopher Columbus Facebook Update

Ever since, numerous international researchers, such as Mark McMenamin and  Philip Beale (to name a couple), embarked on a quest to discredit this false rumor and prove to the world that the people behind the discovery of the New World, are none other than the inventors of the Alphabet, the Phoenicians!

Yes. It seems that years before Lebanese Women became the Queens of Sale, their Phoenicians ancestors were known to be the Kings of Sail.

The 5 Proofs presented by Researchers

Proof #1 : World Map including America and engraved on a Coin minted in Carthage

phoenician coin discovery americaPhoenician discovery America

Proof #2 : Straight Equinox Line starting at Stonehenge USA, passing by Stonehenge England and landing in Beirut

Stonehenge from America to UK landing in Beirut

Proof #3 : Baal Stone found in the US  on which is inscribed “To Baal on behalf of the Canaanites this is dedicated.”

baal stone canaanites and phoenicians

Proof #4 : Tennessee stone believed to contain Phoenician Inscription

Phoenician Inscriptions on Bat Creek

Proof #5 : Writings of Diodorus Siculus mentioning Phoenicians’ discovery of a huge land with ‘navigable rivers’ . Which may be considered to be referring to America.


While many may question the aforementioned proofs and classify them as a series of hoaxes we are providing below 5 new undeniable proofs, based on cultural similarities, that Phoenicians are beyond reasonable doubt the ones that discovered America!

Proof #1 : Architecture

Phoenicians discovered America

Golden Gate Bridge vs “Jesr El Citymall”

Proof #2 : Marketing

Phoenicians discovered America

Tall Skyscrapers vs “Akbar sa7en Hommos”

Proof #3: Politics

Phoenicians discovered America

Bipartisan Political System vs “8 w 14”

Proof #4: Tourism

Phoenicians discovered America

Las Vegas Musical Water Fountain vs “Nafa2 El Matar”

Proof #5: Showbiz

Phoenicians discovered America

 E.T. vs Mariam Nour

We rest our case.

Photos & Information Credit : Phoenicia.org , StoneHenge , Daily Star

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11 comments on “5 undeniable proofs Phoenicians discovered AMERICA!

  1. Pintilie Stefan-Cristian August 25, 2014 2:46 pm

    Following a recently study found that one of the petroglyphs discovered at the Cerro de los Chivos, Tacuichamona, Sinaloa shows symbols of European Neolithic civilization (V sign, bucraniul (bull skull), and comb).
    These symbols were transmitted over time and can be found on clay statuettes belonging to the Bronze Age culture Zuto Brdo – Garla Mare, and a bronze seal ring found on Seimeni, Dobrogea, Romania.

    • Michael Johnson May 13, 2016 5:06 am

      gracias and of course they did and Jesus was one of the boats I have something off Pacific coast El Salvador, shhhhh, will do movie

  2. Angel Jackson August 1, 2015 7:19 pm

    Great information
    thank you

  3. Mike Faysal October 27, 2015 11:41 am

    Has anyone looked at where the landing point in Beirut?

    Mike F.

  4. daniel tray June 4, 2016 1:12 pm

    There seem to be many “high places” in my area ( The Mohawk River and Catskills of NY State) as I have discovered two super examples and a few lesser ones. Near the Hoffman’s Fault is an ancient “heavily traveled” ( as called out on a NYS historic marker) path that led north probably to the Michigan copper mines. Next to this heavily traveled path is a cemetery of the ancients that characteristically is being hidden from the public, and also a large “high place” with a spring. This probably is from the Moundbuilders or may be from the Mayan folks who in the year 600 were building the huge complexes down south and probably took the heavily traveled path for northern resources likely mostly copper. There is just a huge PRESENT influence to deny and dissinform about these truths… it is obvious… the bad guys ( liars go figure) are currently here and wish to cover up their evil origin.. Hollywood ( where so many profess satanism) ALWAYS gives you the wrong information….always twists history… To get around the lies, read old history books prior to about 1914, and watch NO Hollywood or mass media. I think “they” are covering up their very evil origin…If we knew “they” were running things we would rout them…. that must be the reason

    • Michael Johnson June 4, 2016 5:49 pm

      no doubt, that is how Jesus the man went around the world, with the Phoenicians, this keeping ‘the truth’ hidden is just the evil agenda, been to many many Mayan ruins been studying the math since the 70’s, I also know where the cap and tomb cover of the great pyramid came from a quarry at the mouth of the Mississippi

  5. r. mc entire August 10, 2016 1:54 am

    it is completely within reason to assume that the Phoenicians and other early civilizations, Egyptians and Carthaginians, came to both north and south America. Which would go far in explaining where the Olmec’s came from. Or the mining of copper in the great lake region and tin at lake Titicaca.

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  7. leiure September 9, 2017 11:26 am

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  9. Mark November 16, 2017 2:31 pm

    I would counsel against succumbing to the lure of assuming any higher culture occurring in the America’s or any activity outside of what we consider ‘normal’ for Native Americans is based on or caused by European or Middle Eastern cultural interaction. It is condescending and rude to Native Americans. These various theories have merit, but there is little or no real proof. You may as well advocate for Alien origins for mankind.

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