FARMVILLE : Now in Beirut!

Looking back at Lebanese people’s behavior in the past few months, one may notice something weird.

Work colleagues have stopped hiding in the bathroom to harvest their virtual tomato crops. Friends are no longer doing each other favors in exchange of planting virtual plum trees. Family members stopped asking to help them virtually milk their cow.


Many may argue that the reason behind this weird behavior is people outgrowing that social media frenzy called FARMVILLE, while others believe these Lebanese virtual farming addicts have moved their harvesting activities to REAL LIFE!

Photo of FARMVILLE grocery store in Mansourieh

In fact, this grocery store on the main road of Mansourieh, chose FARMVILLE as a creative name for itself hoping to attract a big chunk of the Lebanese population that got addicted to this game.

It remains arguable whether reusing a big brand name is ethically correct, however what’s not to argue about is the capacity of Lebanese from all backgrounds and sectors to use marketing creativity in a brilliant way almost as if it is an innate capacity coded into our DNA and written into our culture.

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