De Niro takes “Abou Kiis” to Hollywood!?

He has haunted our childhood memories, he has invaded our scarriest nightmares and now he’s heading to Hollywood?!

It’s non other than “Abou Kiis” (ابو كيس) whose name is now on many billboards spread to promote the new De Niro/Cusack movie “The Bag Man”.


Rumor has it that other similar movies are to follow such as “Layla wal Zi2ib” starring Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

Ok hold. The movie is not really about “Abou Kiis”, but just the sight of this name sent chills down my spine and pushed me to inquire about this mystical character.


“Abou Kiis” is known in a wide number of countries under different names and used by adults to threaten children who misbehave of being kidnapped by this mythical creature.

Some other names for “Abou Kiis” in different cultures:

English: Boogey Man
Spanish: El Coco
Eastern Mediterranean: Babau
German: Butzemann
Egypt: Abu Rigl Maslukha
France: Croque-mitaine


But many experts in psychology agree that such threats remain with children as they grow up and may morph into social isolation, stress and anxiety, fear of the dark or other phobias. This behavior also molds emotionally unstable men and women who only act out of reaction to fear and not out of conviction of the importance of respecting others.

Continuously feeding the fear in a child may also result in higher damage such as causing difficulties in school, eating disorders, resulting in weight loss or poor weight gain, emotional issues such as low self esteem, sleep disorders and vague physical complaints.

Finally, this tears down the protective image of the parents in front of their children making the latter feel unsafe and insecure.


So for parents who still threaten their kids of getting kidnapped by “Abou Kiis”, getting locked in a room full of rats with yogurt on their ears or getting decapitated by the sword of “Mar Elias”, think again and try to follow other modern convincing techniques which will not leave their trace on your child’s personality.


As for the actual movie story and review, I invite you all to visit one of my favorite Lebanese Movie Blogs, Let’s Talk About Movies for Anis Tabet’s review!

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