Coca-Cola solves Lebanese Presidential Elections dilemna!

Once again, the private sector rushes to save the Lebanese Government from another astounding failure.

This time however the saviour is none other than the awesome international brand Coca-Cola!

In fact, after months of Presidential void, Coca-Cola is using its creative Share A Coke campaign to solve the dilemna of the Presidential Seat.


The process is simple. Instead of fake parliamentary votes and silly theatrical democratic procedures, every citizen simply chooses one of the below coke cans!

Share a coke Lebanon campaign coca cola

Share a Coke Halla2tni to Vote for General Aoun

Share a coke Lebanon campaign coca cola

Share a Coke Akid Akid Akid to Vote for Samir Geagea

At the end of the coking…erm we mean voting….process, Coca-Cola will announce, based on its percentages of sales, who the next Lebanese President will be.

voting for lebanese president

With citizens flocking in thousands to the Coke voting booths, many questions had to be asked.

How will Coca-Cola’s fierce competitor Pepsi react to this earth shattering initiative? Will Pepsi demand to have another Lebanese President of its own?

coca cola vs pepsi to elect lebanese president

Marketing experts leaked that Pepsi’s President will be elected simply by citizens reading their candidate’s name under the bottle cap.

lebanon president elected by pepsi cans

While this reply would be equally challenging, the outcome may get us into yet another dilemna (story of our lives), especially if the elected President is non other than “Jarrib Marra Oukhra”!

pepsi elects lebanese president

Notice: This blog post is a parody and statements in it are not facts nor related to reality. No animals were harmed in the writing of this Blog Post.

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