CAR-MASUTRA – only in Lebanon!

Lube your engines up and get ready for some Lebanese style CAR-MASUTRA!

20140112-155816.jpgPhoto Credit Elie Chiha – Taken on January 12 2014

Beating the infamous position “69”, we call this position “112”, in honor of the infamous Lebanon Internal Security Forces (ISF) support hotline.

While security forces are not to blame for citizens’ reckless behavior, their inaction or leniency with such irresponsible drivers definitely encourages others to follow suit.

Let’s all make it a habit to report such cases to the ISF‘s 112 and also share them through Social Media campaigns such as Cheyef 7alak to raise awareness, since as we all know, when Lebanese CAR-MASUTRA goes wrong, everyone ends up seriously f***ed.

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