Boss Of The Year Award Goes To…

The year 2015 is coming to a long awaited closure and all eyes are on the red carpet for this year’s “BOSS OF THE YEAR AWARDS” ceremony which honors people, milestones or initiatives for leaving a trace, good, bad, ugly or funny somewhere in our memory.

TV stations from all around the world gathered at “Casino Sahar Al Layali – Aley” to cover the big event which is witnessing for the first time some big celebrity names to be interviewed by Ryan Seacrest, Giuliana Rancic, Raja, and Rudolph.

Boss Of The Year Awards Comedy Funny Satire

Widely renowned celebrities were bombarded by camera lights as they walked down the lane of fame such as the anonymous Mawtoura which appeared with a blur around her face, the team of Brains For Less, the team of Lebanese Memes and the highly acclaimed Karl Remarks with the absence of the viral sensation Farid Hobeich who could not make it due to a Cafématik opening at the Charles De Gaulle airport.

As the curtains opened to reveal the beautiful set design, the audience could not take their eyes off the beautiful neck-tie golden trophy at the center of the stage.

boss of the year annual awards on social media in lebanon comedy and satire


Without long introductions, here are the categories for the year and the big winners of each!



Our first award is entitled SHITTY IDEA OF THE YEAR, and this year it goes to everyone’s favorite model/performer Myriam Klink! Despite this blog’s honest admiration to Myriam for her heartfelt honesty and pure intentions in things she does, putting aside how she does them, the below post strikes us as this year’s shittiest. Literally.

Myriam Klink Shitty Moment of the Year



This category has got to be one of the hardest to elect! With all the different stories that all Lebanese Media channels are shedding light on, the below winner of our SCOOP OF THE YEAR AWARD takes a well deserved bow for the risk, creativity and impact that this story must have entailed!




This is not the PRODUCT OF THE YEAR AWARD you are all accustomed to.

This is more like PRODUCT OF THE CENTURY AWARD as the winning product is still being sold beating the sales of all “Ghodrouf” Cremes ever since Morico Tv Shopping existed and until this very day!

Mabrouk to the product of the century, the cucumber/carrot/zucchini spiral slicer which we might all enjoyably watch, purchase yet never use.



The ANSWER OF THE YEAR AWARD can have one and only one winner this year! Who will take home the trophy? It must be this Lebanese Forces politician who had the courage to go on OTV and make the below courageous statement.




This year’s internet sensation deserves a category of her own.

Named after the Lebanese Adele gone viral, this category awards every year’s internet celebrity and for 2015 no one deserves the trophy more than the woman behind “Ma Fi Nawm”,”Larkab El 7Antour” and many more, 3ADEELA!

Adeela Lebanon's own Adele عديلة



Since this awards show, just like life, is not only about good laughs but also about good hearts, the GOLDEN HEART OF THE YEAR AWARD comes to honor charitable initiatives that have impacted our community.

This year’s award goes to a public figure which did something quite amazing, on Christmas eve, away from the spot lights and away from the TV cameras, to silently draw a smile on someone’s face.

TV show host, actor and screen writer Tarek Soueid, grouped through Social Media a team of Make Up Artists, Cooks and Entertainers to give the elderly an unforgettable Christmas night!

Tarek Souaid Lebanon Charity



This unforgettable night cannot come to an end without the big reveal of the holder of the UNFORGETTABLE-AD-NO-MATTER-HOW-MUCH-YOU-TRY OF THE YEAR AWARD! Like every year, this trophy goes to the TV commercial who will remain in everyone’s memory long after 2015.

With tough competition from the “Wehyet Wlede” Radio Spot, the award this year has been swiped by no other than…”3tiné Khams D2ayi2!”.

Despite the AD’s “memorable” script, we do not really know what to feel about the commercial as the man, in a cute way, could remind us of our own parents. One thing is for sure, whether you like it or hate it, no one will be forgetting this AD anytime soon. Even if we try to. Never. Ever. Ever. Ever!

five minutes ad 3tine khams d2ayi2

If you were on the jury, who would you pick to be the BOSS OF THE YEAR?  Hit us with your nominations in the comment box below!

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2 comments on “Boss Of The Year Award Goes To…

  1. Camelia Aoun December 31, 2015 12:26 pm

    Golden Heart of the year is my favorite.

  2. Sam December 31, 2015 12:45 pm

    It’s ad not AD

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