Beirut #1 up and c*ming city for the rich

I confess. The title of this blog has a regular O letter replaced by an asterisk star; but if sexual connotation is needed to get everyone’s attention to what our country has become then curse me for being unethical.

In an article published by CNN Money on the 6th of June entitled “Up-and-coming cities for the rich”, Beirut tops the list of 12 cities for wealthy real estate investors.


I had promised myself to spare this blog usual deja-vu patriotic rants; but I can’t help but ask if this is the Lebanon we are all aiming for.

Are we building a capital for the wealthy where the rest of the population are mere coal servers at fancy dinner tables? Or maybe we should be building a country where our kids can ensure a proper education, find jobs, build companies and grow old to retire as respectable citizens.

Should we happily top the list of cities for the wealthy while also making it to the list for lowest quality of life?

Photo curtosy of Blog Baladi

While we do thank CNN for highlighting Lebanon in many of its top 10 rankings and for using Lebanon as a secure hub for its top reporters, I believe this article should sound the alarm for us, Lebanese, for an internal review of our goals, objectives and lessons learned.

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One comment on “Beirut #1 up and c*ming city for the rich

  1. Christine June 9, 2014 8:14 am

    Sadly this is true I hope people open up their eyes to this rather than being proud like they always are… They should be more specific in mentioning who are the people investing and who is begging on the streets for a living and who is looking for a little room to rent because they can’t afford a place to buy after having a little wedding to save up for their non existing future in this sad little country.

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