ArabNet Beirut 2014: in numbers!

With every passing day, the Lebanese youth is proving to itself and to the world that its creativity, coupled with the modern day magic digital wands, is indeed changing our society.

However, with the unstable environment we live in, a catalyst is needed to bring those young creative talents together and create the needed synergy among them as well as channel their positive energy. I was lucky to experience recently, from the front seat, such an inspiring catalyst: The ArabNet 2014 Beirut Event.

COM FU at the ArabNet 2014 Beirut Event

COM FU presenting its Barista #iRemember Alzheimer’s Case Study

Founded by Omar Christidis in 2009, ArabNet describes itself as “the hub for digital professionals and entrepreneurs to connect and learn”.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at this year’s ArabNet Beirut event, in numbers:

arabnet beirut 2014 event logo

2: Number of Live Streams which allowed users to join the event virtually from around the globe
3: Days during which the ArabNet Beirut 2014 event was held
18: Judges on the Entrepreneur Competitions held during the event
19: Number of food and beverage stands at the delicious Taste of Beirut event
32: Exhibitors at the TECHFAIR space
35: Partners that joined forces with ArabNet to make this event a success
72: Slides in our very own COM FU‘s case study focusing on Barista‘s #iRemember Alzheimer’s Campaign
75: Speakers that shared their knowledge with the community
120: Seconds to exchange ideas and contacts with a random person during the newly introduced Speed Networking session
600: Attendees from different fields and sectors of society
6,000: Tweets holding the #arabnetME hashtag

COUNTLESS: Opportunities created for the Lebanese and Arab Youth to connect and share ideas!

Finally it is worth mentioning that the event made it to numerous local and international channels, including Al Jazeera, Al Hayat, Sky News Arabia, LBCI, Tech Ticker and many more, thus highlighting Lebanon’s role as a prominent player in the Regional Digital Sector.

Omar Christidis at the ArabNet 2014 Beirut Ideathon

Photo from the ArabNet Beirut 2014 Ideathon

If you’ve missed your chance to witness this amazing digital experience, make sure to book early for the ArabNet Digital Summit 2014, taking place June 3-5 in Dubai!

For more information, make sure to visit ArabNet’s Website or Twitter and Facebook channels.

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